• HackViolet Team

HackViolet 2022 Officially Underway!

Hey Hackers, Mentors, Judges, Company Reps, Speakers, how are you all liking HackViolet 2022 so far? The hackathon has kicked off to an explosive start with over 800 participants in the Discord server, including over 30 company representatives! So far, we've hosted a phenomenal opening ceremony, personal coffee chats with Peraton, a bustling career fair on Brazen, and an insightful Company Panel on Youtube! We still have so many events scheduled for you guys, and we hope you are enjoying HackViolet 2022!

The website has been updated to officially display the HackViolet schedule for this weekend if you click on the "Schedule" tab, and we've also added a Virtual Scavenger Hunt page right under it! For help finding anything regarding the hackathon, be sure to email us @ hackvioletvt@gmail.com.

For additional information about the hackathon, be sure to check out our Hacker Guide!

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